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Read an overall summary of the replies we've received - aggregated for the whole of Europe. The sheer number of responses shows the strength of feeling on the proposals, and an overwhelming majority of respondents are against them.

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An indicative summary of whether respondents agree or disagree with ESMA's proposals on leverage and close-out margin.


Disagree with ESMA's proposals


Agree with ESMA's proposals


Are neutral with ESMA's proposals

Independent survey results

IG recently enlisted Investment Trends, an independent global research organisation, to provide an insight on what impact the proposed rules are likely to have on traders. The survey results are based on over 2500 responses from active retail traders across the EU, and were used to inform IG's response to ESMA.

Here's a summary of the key findings last modified 7am 01/02/18 (GMT)

Do you feel that the leverage restrictions proposed by ESMA are a necessary measure to protect you from the risks associated with CFD trading/spread betting?

96% No 4% Yes
All EU respondents [n=3342]

Do you feel that a margin close-out rule on a position-by-position basis is a necessary measure to protect you from the risks associated with CFD trading/spread betting?

91% No 9% Yes
All EU respondents [n=3139]

Which of the following risk management measures, if any, would you find helpful to manage the risk on your CFD/spread betting account?

All EU respondents [n=3174]
All EU respondents [n=3174]

If the new leverage restrictions came in to force, how likely would you be to consider using a provider that was not regulated in the EU/UK that offered higher leverage / lower margin requirements?


Very likely


Somewhat likely


Somewhat unlikely


Very unlikely

All EU respondents [n=3321]